Frontend, Backend & Hardware Developer

Make it work, make it right, make it fast.

Hi, I’m Yan. Nice to meet you.

Since I was little I am passionate about technology. I am fascinated by everything we can do with so much information and tools available. My job is to bring ideas to life, turning them into something useful and tangible. I get involved in any area, be it software or hardware. I'am always working to improve my skills.

Frontend Developer

I like to code things from scratch, and enjoy bringing ideas to life in the browser.

For web I like:

HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, Angular, React

On mobile:

Ionic, React Native

Backend Developer

I value simple code structure and clean design patterns.

Technologies I like to use:

Node.js, Python, some Java/Kotlin, ORMs like Sequelize and frameworks like Express and Flask

Databases I have experience:

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


I try to blow up as few things as possible. 😂

Experiences I draw from:

Arduino, Microcontrollers in general, PLCs (CLPs), PCB design

Languages I speak:

Assembly, C, C++, Ladder

My Startup Projects

Entrepreneurship is a difficult and demanding task. When things started getting monotonous, I decided it would be a fun challenge to try to design and build my own business. Currently, with some friends, I am discovering day after day how things really work and each day I fall even more in love with this new world 😎

Our goal is to connect runners around the world so that together they can achieve a common goal.

We believe that financial education transforms lives. Come and see our work!

In development

Interested in collaborating or investing?

I’m always open to discussing about new works or partnership opportunities.

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